3 in 1 Anti-static Plastic Spudger Tool

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The multi-use set!

  • Anti-static!
  • 3 pieces kit!
  • Pointy and flat end for different tasks!
  • Ideal for phone, tablet repair!

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When your electronics need a delicate touch, the nylon antistatic spudger is the perfect tool for the job. The built-in antistatic feature ensures that your device stays free from harmful static electricity. Whether you’re repairing a smartphone or tablet, or just cleaning out some dust and dirt, this handy spudger set is sure to come in handy. So don’t go another day without one. Get yours today!

  • You need this for:
  1. Safely prying open phones and tablets and computers!
  2. Prying small connectors!
  3. Scraping residues on delicate parts!

You’ll feel so relieved when you have this multitask tool in your arsenal!

  • About this product:
  1. 3 pieces set.
  2. Multi-use flat end tip.
  3. Multi-use pointy end!
  4. Built in notch for attaching small cables!
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  • Please Note:
  • The phone on the product’s images is not included.


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