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Roller Opening Tool | Jakemy JM-OP06


Roll it open!

  • Roller blade!
  • Open Tablets!
  • Open computers!
  • 6 months warranty!

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This handy little gadget would make fixing your device a breeze. With its roller end, it can easily pry open the casing on tablets and computers!

Used for:

  • Roll open various kinds of smart phone, laptop, tablet, screens and small electronics.
  • Perfect for tablets and computers 


  • Brand: Jakemy.
  • Model: JM-OP06.
  • Designed to easily roll between the gaps in the devices!
  • Easy to disassemble electronic part accessories.
  • High-quality material, make it more durable.
  • Anti-corrosion with stainless steel forging process.
  • Special rolling-wheel design for better use in opening.
  • The other end of the tool with anti-slip design make it easier for disassembling.
  • Precision processing technology on the metal part for better protection on the product it self.

6 Months Warranty!

  • The warranty becomes void if the item is physically damaged, incorrectly or misused. Damages caused by physical contact with liquids will also invalidate your product’s coverage.

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