Mobile Screen Opening Plier | Jakemy JM-OP05


The screen separator!

  • Open phones and tablets!
  • Adjustable clip-on phone holder included!
  • Comes with Anti static spudger!
  • Firm grip handles, comfy to use!

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Opening up a phone screen or back cover can be a tricky process, especially if the opening clamp tool doesn’t have a suction cup. This little gadget makes opening your phone’s screen and back cover safe and easy, get yours today!

Use this for:

  • Safely open phones and tablets screens!

About this product:

  • Brand: Jakemy.
  • Model: JM-OP05.
  • Adjustable Clip-on phone holder! Perfect fit for most phones!
  • 2X screw-in multi angle suction cups!
  • Ergonomically designed handle with slip resistance for comfortable hold!

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