Multifunctional Suction Cup | Jakemy JM-SK05


The device opener!

  • Vacuum suction!
  • Open LCD screens!
  • Open Back cover!
  • 6 months warranty!

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If you’re a repairer, opening a device using a suction cup is the best way to do it. Not only is it less likely to cause damage, but it’s also a lot easier than using other methods. So if you’re looking for an easy way to open up a device, then be sure to get this!

Used for:

  • Open various kinds of smart phone, laptop, tablet, LCD screens and small electronics.
  • Perfect for front screen, back cover, LCD covers. 
  • Works well for iPhone, Android, Macs, PCs!


  • Brand: Jakemy.
  • Model: JM-SK05.
  • Designed for electronic equipment, Lcd screens, glass, and smooth surface.
  • Made of durable ABC and PVC plastic material!
  • Heavy duty locking handles with latch making it convenient to use!
  • Long lasting!

6 Months Warranty!

  • The warranty becomes void if the item is physically damaged, incorrectly or misused. Damages caused by physical contact with liquids will also invalidate your product’s coverage.

We ship nationwide!

  • You can order nationwide and have your package delivered overnight. Tracking is included!

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