iPhone XS Max replacement Screen | Incell

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Crispier, Higher definition and yet affordable!

  • Fix Broken screen!
  • Premium INCELL quality!
  • Superior technology!
  • Supports TrueTone!
  • 6 Months Warranty!

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Phone screens are delicate and fragile, even a slight fall may cause cracks or bleeding. Broken screens can be an issue we encounter in daily life but don’t worry it doesn’t mean your phone itself has broken. It just needs a new screen!

  • What is incell screen?

In-cell technology has better resolution than standard LCD screens, which can be seen with crispier images. The design of in cell displays also allow more pixels per area because there are no air gaps separating different layers within a device.

  • Compatibility:

This part is compatible with iPhone XS Max.

  • Screen Details:
  1. High-Definition Display! See all of your favourite content with clarity and vibrancy.
  2. Supports TrueTone Feature. (TrueTone sync machine required)
  3. Incell structure + DDI technology which makes the touch capability more stable.
  4. Supports wide colour gamut, P3 colour gamut standard.
  • You need this part if your iPhone has issues with:
  1. Cracked, broken screen.
  2. Touch not working.
  3. Broken, damaged LCD.

You’ll feel so relieved when you can finally use your phone again!

  • 6 Months Warranty

The warranty becomes void if the item is installed incorrectly or misused. Damages caused by physical contact with liquids will also invalidate your product’s coverage.

  • We ship nationwide!

You can order nationwide and have your package delivered overnight. Tracking is included!

  • We offer installation!

Please contact us for more info.


  • Please Note:
  • This is a third party replacement and not an Official Apple product.


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