High Temperature Polyimide Tape 33m | 30mm


Superior Isolator!

  • 30mm width!
  • 33m length!
  • Great for Board Repairs!

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Polyimide tape provides outstanding heat resistance, electrical insulation, and durability for electronic repairs, making it essential for protecting components during soldering and ensuring reliable performance in diverse applications.

Used for:

  • Isolate heat on components for BGA PCB SMT Soldering repairs.
  • Electrical insulation, radiation resistance, solvent resistance and other properties.


  • Length: 30mm.
  • Size: 33m.
  • Short-term temperature resistance: 300°C.
  • Long-term temperature resistance: 260°C.
  • Adhesion: 6 N/25 mm.
  • Withstand voltage: 6kv.

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