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Magnetiser Screwdriver Holder | 2UUL ST51


The Screwdriver organiser!

  • Magnetiser!
  • 9 Screwdriver Holes!
  • Rotatable!
  • Made by 2UUL!

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This Magnetiser Screwdriver Holder is a versatile tool that combines screwdriver storage with instant magnetisation for better grip on metallic screws and bolts. With its durable design and ability to accommodate various screwdriver types, it ensures easy access and organisation, enhancing work efficiency in workshops and DIY projects.

Used for:

  • Keeping screwdrivers magnetised and organised.


  • Brand: 2UUL.
  • Model: ST51.
  • Magnetiser base
  • 9 holes to fit screwdrivers.
  • Rotatable cap.
  • Swivel base, convenient design and swivel condensation degrees.

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  • Screwdrivers on the images are not included with the base.

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