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The precision screwdriver!

  • 0.8mm P2 type!
  • Perfect for iPhone opening!
  • Made by 2UUL!
  • Can be used more than 5000 times!

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It’s hard to believe that something as small as a screwdriver can cause so much frustration and heartache when repairing electronics. Especially, when the screws seem to be so tiny and delicate. However, 2UUL precision screwdrivers were designed with the professional in mind. With its thin, yet sturdy shaft and aggressive grip, this tool can handle even the most stubborn of screws. Whether you’re a novice or experienced repairer, don’t go another day struggling with those pesky screws. Get yours today!

You need this for:

  • Loosening or Tightening the P2 shaped iPhone bottom screws.
  • Loosening or Tightening the P2 shaped on MacBook wifi antenna screws.

This screwdriver will help you get the job done quickly and easily without struggle!

About this product:

  • Made by 2UUL, quality at its best!!
  • 0.8mm P2 type, precisely designed to fit!
  • Made with strong metal, very durable!
  • Can be used more than 5000 times!
  • Rotatable cap and anti-skid handhold, easy to use!

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