MacBook/iMac Logic Board Repair

$260.00 inc GST

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  • Power,Backlight, No display, Keyboard and Touchpad no response or partial response, Wifi, Charging, Overheating issues.
  • Although great care is taken when dealing with logic board repairs and we have the skill, technical ability, experience and machines to do the best job possible it is inevitable that the logic board may be damaged during the process WHICH MAY NOT BE REPLACED BY GA Tech. Due to the unknown history of the device, it is impossible to guarantee a 100% success rate. However, we guarantee to return a minimum of 90% of the repairs to be successful.
  • Models supported: MacBook, Pro,Air and iMac. 
  • You will have to ship the device to us.
  • Repair takes up to 1 week.
  • You must backup your device before sending it to us. IF applicable.
    (for full instructions, click here)
  • We will require your PIN/password to access your for testing
  • 2-5 days assessment may be longer if components are needed
  • Returns Shipping $8 shipping NZ-wide $10 Rural.

Packaging Instructions:

  • Wrap your device in bubble wrap
  • Place it in cardboard box or bag
  • Please let us know the tracking number if any.