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iPhone XS Replacement Screen – Incell | Soft OLED

$142.00 inc GST

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  • Replacement Soft OLED Incell Tech screen for iPhone XS.

    Incell Tech screens are the best OEM in the market.
    Between this screen and Original, it’s very hard to notice any difference.
    Made from superior quality materials.


  1. Earspeaker mesh and camera/sensor holder pre-installed.
  2. Perfect installation performance.
  3. Sensitive and responsive touch.
  4. Voltage regulator IC.
  5. Can be refurbished.
  6. OEM grade FPC.
  7. True Tone display supported.
  • For DYI you will need opening tools.
  • 6 months Warranty.(not valid if it becomes physically damaged or Scratched)
  • We ship NZ-wide.
  • Installation available on our repair services section.

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