iPhone X | XS | 11 Pro Screen Glass Protector | 9D

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Protect your investment!

  • 9D Glass protector!
  • Case friendly!
  • No bubbles!
  • No residue when removed!

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If you’re like most people, you probably use your phone a lot. And if you use your phone a lot, you know that it’s easy to scratch the screen. A phone screen glass protector is a great way to protect the screen from scratches and other damage. They’re inexpensive and easy to install, and they can help keep your phone looking new for longer!

  • What is 9D glass protector?

9D Tempered Glass uses a technology that increases the light penetration coefficient. This allows for more realistic colour reproduction and image quality, as well as enhanced visibility in dark environments. The special filters it uses are called anti-reflective lenses or AR coating to ensure transparency from all angles without any distortion whatsoever!

  • Compatibility:

This part is compatible with iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone 11 Pro.

  • Case friendly!

This protector can be fitted and be perfectly aligned with most cases!

  • Specs:
  1. Full screen coverage, perfect fit for your phone.
  2. Durable anti-scratch film with 0.3mm thickness.
  3. 99% UV Protection: Reduces eye strain caused by the LCD screen.
  4. 9H Surface hardness: 3x stronger than regular screen protector.
  5. Anti-Shatter Film: If broken, the protector breaks into small pieces that are not sharp.
  6. Silicone Adhesive Coating: No glue residue when removed.
  7. Oleophobic Coating: Provides enhanced touch screen experience.
  • You need this part to:

Protect your device’s front screen!

  • What’s included:
  1. 1x glass screen protector.
  2. 1x Alcohol preparation cloth.
  3. 1x Cleaning cloth.
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