20W iPhone Fast Charging Cable | USB-C | 2m | Baseus

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The way to fast charge!

  • Made by Baseus!
  • 2 meters length!
  • Up to 20W of charging power!
  • Up to 480Mbps data transfer!
  • 6 months warranty!

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20W iPhone Fast Charging Cable | USB-C | 1m | Baseus

The way to fast charge!

  • Made by Baseus!
  • 1 meter length!
  • Up to 20W of charging power!
  • Up to 480Mbps data transfer!
  • 6 months warranty!

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We all know that our phones are constantly in need of charging. Precious time can be wasted waiting for a full charge. This problem has been solved by creating fast charger cables which deliver higher power than traditional USB cords to give your device an extra boost. That means you can spend less time waiting and more time doing what matters most!

  • Superior Series Fast Charging Data Cable Type-C to Lightning Made by Baseus.

BASEUS is an award winning brand, a fashionable and life-full brand focusing on CCC digital accessories. This cable certainly lives up to its name!

  • Compatibility:
  1. This charging cable can used with iPhone that has lightning port!
  2. Compatible any with Type-C USB wall adaptor.
  • Cable details:
  1. 1 meter length!
  2. Current: 2.4A! Charge 60% in less than 1 hour!
  3. 4 strands of low loss tinned copper cores for safer charging!
  4. Close to 90° Bendable: The SR reinforced connector is flexible and anti-breakable!
  5. Made of ABS and TPE materials for wear-resistant and colourfast!
  6. Data speed Transfer: 480Mbps!
  7. Velcro strap included for easy storage!
  8. Package includes: 1x fast charging cable, retail box!
  • You need this part if you have issues with:
  1. Broken charging cable.
  2. Phone not charging.
  3. Slow charging.

You’ll feel so amazed when you see how fast the charging will be!

  • 6 Months Warranty

The warranty becomes void if the item is installed incorrectly or misused. Damages caused by physical contact with liquids will also invalidate your product’s coverage.

  • We ship nationwide!

You can order nationwide and have your package delivered overnight. Tracking is included!


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